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Amber's Recording Studio: Indefinite Leave

OOC: While we wait for things to start going our way, let us recall where we left off.:P

[Amber POV]

I blinked my eyes open, bright sunlight spilling into my space unwanted and uninviting. I hissed silently, groped for the blankets and turned my body against it, burying into the comforter.

It took a whole minute before I blinked my eyes a second time, this time with an awareness that I seemed to have awaken from a really bad nightmare.

But heck, that was no nightmare.

I yawned, sat up, cricked my neck and stretched into the air. My obvious noise brought someone to the door.

It opened to reveal a man with silver hair and rectangular spectacles on his nose. He had a tray in one hand with a cup of tea. He wasn't smiling.


A warm hand dropped to my forehead as he was at my side in a second. His gaze was soft and he spoke gently, not in the arrogant tone I was used too.

"Are you okay?" He asked, his hand disappearing from my forehead and reaching for the cup of tea by my bedside. He looked back at  me, the tea in his hand.

I croaked out my answer..."I don't know..."

His brow furrowed. "What do you mean, you don't know?"

I looked at the tea in his hand. Following my gaze, he offered it to me. I accepted it and let the hot liquid cascade down my throat. I choked and coughed. He patted my back.

"Remember, you're not a vampire anymore. "

My shoulders slumped.

I remember now...

My blood ran cold with the memory.

The theater, the date, the mirror...

I just could not remember how I got out.

"Thinking about what happened?" The gray haired man asked.

"I'm not sure... What did happen?"

He looked at me 

"You've been out for almost a month. I had to tell the school you were on indefinite leave before they started calling the police."

A month...

I jumped out of bed, ignoring the protests of my limbs and rushed to the dresser window. I peered at my face in the reflection.

Since I was no longer a vampire, normal human beings can see themselves in the mirror, and since I was one...

My hair was longer, my cheeks were caved in and my lips were parched. There were eyebags under my eyes and my hair also looked like it hasn't been washed in....I guess a month.

I growled at my appearance, banging my fists on the dresser. The man sat patiently from the bed, watching me as my agitated form rushed to the bathroom, took a quick shower, and come out ....slightly more presentable. 

I glared at him murderously, eyeing him with contempt. He sat motionless, yawning at my immaturity and  gazed out the window. He waited as I calmed down and reduced the murder to just glares.

"what the hell happened Mason. I'm giving you three seconds to tell me everything. One..."

He raised an eyebrow. "Must you always be so melodramatic?"

I grabbed a pair of sewing scissors from the drawer. They would have to do. "two..."

He sighed, taking my cup and taking a sip from it, noisily I might add. "For a respected professor you sure are angsty."

I was in front of him, aiming the scissors on his throat. "two point five..."

We were silent for a while, then he tipped his glasses a bit. "You were sucked in by a demonic mirror where a thousands souls sought to consume your being into nothingness. I figured a species like you wouldn't take too long in the bathroom so I decided to check. I was able to drag you out in time. I did a bit of a damage in the movie house but I think I was able to sneak both you and me out before security came in."

I blinked, gaping at him who seemed to calmly explain how he was able to, damn it, save my life in such a calm and collected manner. 

I wanted to hit him. 

"If you're done, I need to go to work. It's been a quiet thirty days while you were sleeping. I just pretended you were a very sensitive statue on my bed. I can say it wasn't the best sleep I had in ages but now that you're awake, I can get my bed back." He got up, balancing the empty cup in its plate and walked quickly out the room. Silence enveloped me.

Somewhere in the room a celphone started ringing. I made a loud grunt before attempting to locate the nuance. It was hidden under all the blankets. I answered it.

"When you're done, don't forget to lock the door. Your fiery rocker friends are on the way to pick you up and mind you I better not find anything broke when I get back tonight. I should charge you rent but seeing as you're still out of it, I will discuss that matter with you some other time. Final warning: Stay away from my books."

The line went dead.

I head a knock on the door.

There were birds chirping somewhere in the distance, a motorbike passed somewhere below and I could hear school bells ringing nearby. It was a perfectly beautiful day.

But I was too busy brooding over the fact that I was still not a full vampire.

This day better end with large fries or I'm going to kill anything that's blue...starting with the Striker!


Hadyn sighed as he rung up the tab of one customer while Kyoukou-san handed the pastry box over. The customer collected his change, said his thanks and left the shop, leaving the owner and his full-time staff alone in the empty shop.

For a while...

The bells rang, signaling a customer. Hadyn looked up to greet.

"Greetings! Welcome to coffee ca----" He gaped, staring at his professor who he was told, went on holidays to Tahiti and wasn't due back until the end of the year. Lo and behold, she was standing in front of him, looking slightly older, gasping (probably ran the whole way again to avoid the light), and glaring at him like he was out to kill her.

He smiled. "Amber-sama welcome back! I'm surprised to see you here!" He said, eyeing the threesome behind her, Club moderator Kevin, the other music professor and school heart throb Max and their stoic sister Alex. The boys were smiling at him, Max grinning and waving while eyeing their display  of cakes. Alex was ignorant, looking around and appearing bored of the world.

Hadyn returned his gaze to Amber. She wasn't letting up. Not a good sign.

"Listen you..." She drawled out, each letter piercing some imaginary angel and hanging their lifeless wings up on the display case of abomination. "...I haven't eaten in weeks. So give me the biggest lunch set you have, quadruple it and send it to my table over the back way. You got fifteen minutes or I make this love nest of yours look like a shanty." She glared at Kevin who politely pulled out his credit card. Hadyn took it and rung the tab up while Kyoukou started on the order. Amber growled out a response before stomping to the back most table and dropped onto it with a loud thud, shaking the floor as she did.

The Striker siblings didn't move, and Max was grinning at the cafe owner. "The she-devil is back. Your happy life is over." He said before following Amber to the table. Hadyn blinked in response while he handed Kevin's credit card back.

"Don't worry." He assured, eyeing the pair who now began to talk in hushed towns by way of the mafia. "It's the preliminary stage. Give her a day or two, she will be back to her old less-violent self. She might not be able to come back to school yet, which will give you guys enough time to transfer if you have to." Hadyn looked at him bewilderly, got a smile and a pat on the shoulder before he strode off and joined his younger brother and the she-devil in their table. Which only leaves...

Hadyn twisted his head slowly in fear of having it chopped of to face the final customer in front of the cashier. It was Alex, the mystery woman who never seems to smile and loathes life in general. She continued staring at me, watching me, and it was only when Kyoukou-san called me to bring the order that I was able to steer away from her menacing stare. I brought the order to their table, (Ms. Amber wolfed down two glasses of juice, the plate of bacon, the entire basket of bread before I could even put everything down) and returned to my post by the cashier. Nanami was sweeping the floor silently while a few customers came in to savor their coffee break.

Hadyn sighed. "I thought this would be a quiet day for me" He said to himself, shaking his head clear and reverting to his jolly self as he entertained more people. Nothing more would happen that will shake the day...


And yet....


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