Mara's Birthday Bash

Yes, I'm aging again!

So I'm inviting you guys to my birthday bash (finally!) on Jan 17, Saturday. It will be at Trinoma.

Now here's the thing: I have MA in the morning until 4pm. So I'll just meet you in time for dinner. I need a head count so I can also see if I can invite more people. Please post here. Let's make this our first MIKKAELA gimmick for the year.
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Christmas Outing...?

Bringing the discussion from Plurk here for easy access and discussion I guess :'D

Anyway, slender_dragon suggested to have a Christmas outing :D Then, datenshiaoi and sakuranbo suggested to go to Wako, a karaoke with Japanese and Korean songs somewhere near Greenbelt *isn't familiar with Wako though * :'DDD;;; But according to Renchan, it opens at 3pm~

If you want, you can also drop by our house and play Rock Band lol XDDDD

So, any suggestions for the date? Almost everybody is available on the 20th (Saturday) but if you have something up on that date, suggest another date~~~ o/
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Amber's Recording Studio: Grave

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I was suffocating. The temperature dropped and now I could hear the laughs from inside the mirror, they were taunting and shrieking, pulling me further into the abyss.
As I watched my fingers breath in the last of the washroom air, before being engulfed by the mirror, I realized then, just how vulnerable humans are to spirits….


"Yes Amber..."

"Why do humans die?"

"That is the way they cease to exist. They die."

"Why don't vampires die?"

" an interesting story"

I looked up at my dad's pale face.I was ten years old then, 25 in vampire years, but I could not understand how humans could just drop dead with no signs of disease, or scars from a waging battle. To a vampire, dying because of war or disease were by far the only means to die. But in your sleep? I highly doubt that.

"Remember the story I told you Amber? As to why vampires prefer to live in the dark rather than in the light of day?" I nodded.

"Vampires belong to a highly aristocratic lineage that dates back to the eleventh century when nobles were considered gods and peasants were treated like trash. We were elite, the blessed ones. The beloved sons and daughters of the world."

"The peasants, being born with the same likeness as us, decided we weren't the only ones who deserved the graces. They revolted, upturning governments, hanging nobels, imprisoning dukes, taking ladies as their wives and selling the children to slavery. Those who managed to escape were able to hide in the depths of the underground, where we have been in existence for centuries."

"Without seeing the light of day for centuries, our bodies began to grow at a slower pace than that of our counterparts the slaves, who saw the rising and setting of the sun. We knew not the hour or the day. We knew we grew, but we didn't know how fast or how slow. When a few of us managed to sneak up and peek into the earth, they realized that so much has changed us as we hid all those years. We snuck up to the surface at night, so our skin did not darken under the rays of the sun, instead it glowed pale white to the moon. Our eyes adjusted to the darkness we so know, hence the difference in eye color. We learned to work with the night and preyed on anything that slept during that time. We grew our teeth sharp to be able to wrench off our prey's meat before the peasants realized that there were trespassers on their property."

"We were underground for so long that we feared the light, and the mere presence of light, even just a torch threatened our sanity. Our fighting skills have still been preserved, but during our exile we learned to heighten our skills to more than normal, since we could not assess if our bodies were already at their limit. Besides, the peasants threw us out. We hade to avenge our fathers."

"We finally emerged, though secretly and placed ourselves amongst the peasant who now call themselves 'human'. They knew we were among them, but could not identify who among us were the nobels who left them, or as they call us now, 'vampires'. They killed anyone they felt looked or exhibited the mannerisms of a vampire."

"The vampires were the nobels who hid underground because they feared for their families. There were those nobels who were liked by the peasants. They were allowed to live with them, let their children play with them. These nobels were nice to the peasants and treated them as equals rather than slaves. They were called the gods."

"We all coexisted together, the humans being the only race unaware of both nobel group's existence. They knew the gods were just rich nobels with hearts of gold. They did not know of their special powers and gifts that made things seem to work in their favor. They were oblivious of the powerful who continue to roam these lands up until this day."

"Peasants did not seek immortality, nor inhumane powers.Their freedom was enough for them. So they die the way humans die, and feel pain the way humans do. That is part of their life, same that it is part of our life to always crave for blood as our food, for we realized the addicting and medical benefits of drinking human blood. "

Dad took a sip from his goblet, which swished with the scarlet liquid. A knock came from the door. It opened.

"Telling ghost stories again dear? Amber should have been in bed an hour ago. Let her rest." A lady of exquisite beauty entered the room. She looked like she glided on air as she walked, her golden hair flowing in the wind like a bird's feather, her eyes sparkling with the songs of a thousand angels. She gave off the aura that would make grown men cry should you lay a hand on her. Which was one reason why my father married her.

She was a goddess, born of the nobels of the surface. Father is a nobel of the underworld. A vampire and a goddess. The forbidden love.hence...

My younger self blinked back at mom and stretched her arms out, expecting to be carried as her father got up and scooped her up from the chair.

"But we're not finished with the story." i cried, yawning as i whined.

Mother smiled, the Helen of Troy's smile. Many a man fell victim to that smile. but it was my father who gained her hand in marriage and raised our family out of the feud of the nobels. We managed to settle in Nuna Payatt, away from the warring families and away from the scrutinies over our family, as the othe nobels would call it, our forbidden family.

We were cursed and we knew it. Thankfully Nuna Payatt was weird enough as it is that people like us would fit right into the midst of superheroes and crazy villains. My father managed to put up a company in the city which handles the local music and arts industry. We were philanthropists and we exploited our connections any way we could. One of them was getting my father into the prestigious circle of the Nuna Payatt Elite, a group of socialites and wealthy families who control and govern over Nuna Payatt. We were a democratic and just people. We were not a mafia group. My father, after years of toil, is finally the head of the circle and heads the safety and security division, which include the police and the SSC, on occassion.

I was half-asleep on father's shoulder when I heard mom murmuring on my side.

" young. I don't think we should tell her just yet."

"She will find out sooner or later so it will be best if she learns it from us rather than discover it."

"But she might not accept her fate."

"She will not be the first. Vampires and Gods have been separated from each other for too long. Our bodies are no longer in sync with one another and we have developed habits contradictory to each. We bore her with the knowledge that she would not be a full-blooded vampire nor goddess."

"I know there are many demi-gods existing. My sister Martha married a dem-god down the street and they're doing just fine. I'm just afraid of the different aspects of a demi-god. I will not hide that I am afraid for my daughter."

"I am too Celestina, but we will have to face the facts one day, but it is best that Amber not know about it until she is ready. We raised her to be a daughter of this world. She will be strong enought to accept it."

i felt a shift as I was passed on to my mother, who dressed me up and placed me on the bed and drew the blanket over my body. She squeezed Almond, my stuffed chocobo under my arms which I hugged gratefully. I felt my mom kiss my forehead as she whispered a prayer to my ear. she hummed it out in a form of a lullaby.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray Thee, Lord, my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake,
I pray Thee, Lord, my soul to take.
If I should live to future days,
I pray Thee, Lord, to guide my ways

[END Flashback]

I opened my eyes and gazed at the light at the top of what seemed like an endless black room. I knew I was falling, falling deep into the mirror. The voices no longer roared. They seemed happy that i was falling into their despair. I lifted my fingers to my eyes and touched to empty space where my right eye once was. i lost it the minute I fell through the mirror. I closed my other eye and sighed.

Death was coming to me. Not normal as a human's, but as strange and somewhat magical that only a demi-god would experience.</div>

We have lift-off

Alright, we have waited long enough for the Sex and The City outing so here's the scoop:

Date:November 8, 2008
Location: TBA, taisa_ayase 's house or Eastwood or wherever.
Outfit: your best SATC outift
Why? uuuh.....busy girls need a night out before they burn out? XP's the bad news.

On my part.

1. I got Saturday weeeerk that day. my evil school is making me and my boys go to school on a saturday. sucks really.
2. It's UP AME's con. not a problem really. decisions decisions....

so....consensus should be finalized this week.

Part 15: Welcome to SUPAHCON!

Here be the long overdue Supahcon (sorry for the delay) and it's... uhh... a lot more somber than I wanted it to be, but unfortunately there was too much plotty type related things to be discussed, which sucked out a bit of the fun. Oh well. There's room for drinking games and rounds of spin the bottle in omakes, I guess :(

More bad news: I don't wanna spoil anything, but this chapter ends with an unresolved issue... I wouldn't go as far as to call it a cliffhanger, but definitely it needs to be followed up. Egad! (*headdesk*) but the next chapter(s) will hopefully be up at least by next week.

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